About us

Gastro Tech is a company with more than 24 years’ experience in HoReCa equipment sector.
The basis for our company includes People who are characterized not only by multiannual experience and skills, but, first of all, by passion and engagement in the confidence, entrusted by the customers of the company.
Since the very beginning of the Company’s establishment, we have cooperated with the best suppliers of the gastronomic equipment, being recognized all over the world; owing to it, we may offer the highest quality service.

We ensure the complex implementation of investment: from the cooperation with the customer already on the stage of designing, via delivery and installation of the equipment, to training in the field of operation.

After receipt of the investment, we ensure efficient service, which gives a guarantee of safe and continuous work of the equipment of our customers.
Owing to a wide spectrum of the offer, we are able to tailor it to the individual needs of the customers. We invite to our Showroom, where there is available a wide assortment of small kitchen devices and gastronomic equipment for smaller and greater gastronomic units. In case of urgent situation, we help and react quickly as to make our Customers be sure that they may rely on us at every situation.

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